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January 10, 2019

Learn how to protect cars that are exposed to time

It is increasingly common for people to find it difficult to park their cars on covered parking spaces, whether in their homes, at work or in public places. Faced with this, the vehicles are subject to a series of actions that end up resulting in some type of damage, which will surely generate loss. Find out what are these evil agents who detonate time-exposed cars for long periods, and see what they can do to protect themselves from them. You can not always buy or rent a property that has enough covered parking spaces to accommodate the family cars. And the situation repeats itself in the work and even in paid parking lots, since many offer only vague discoveries. It is not the ideal situation for those who care about preserving the appearance and extending the durability of the car. In a tropical country like Brazil, the scorching sun ends up being a terrible villain for the car that is exposed to the weather for hours. The intense exposure to UV rays damages the paint, causing dryness of the varnish and micro-cracks, leaving the vehicle with an aged, worn appearance. And the excess heat does not only damage the paint. The plastic parts also become dry and, in extreme cases, the panel cracks, and the fabric that lines the seats looks like burnt. To protect the car from the action of the sun, some people resort to using hoods. Experts warn that care must be taken in choosing the material, depending on the quality of the cover it can scratch the paint or even melt and stick to the body. There are thermal overlays on the market, with the interior lined, which protect more and avoid scratches. But in any case, it is not good to leave the car covered for too long, because excess heat can generate moisture in certain situations, bringing damage to the car.  SHINING Another way to soften the action of UV rays on car paint is to always keep it protected by good quality waxes. There are some that, besides giving brightness, filter the solar rays, avoiding the dryness of the varnish and the ink. For plastic panels there are products that remove dust and moisturize without leaving the appearance greasy. The leather coatings require moisturizers, which prevent those small cracks and premature wear. In addition to the sun, nature can punish the car that is long in the street in other ways. A normal, milder rain may be harmless, but if it is a hailstorm the body will certainly be marked. And if that happens, you can prepare the pocket, since the gold hammer service does not cost cheap. It is also worth remembering the acid rain, loaded with pollution, which brings ingredients that help to damage the paint, compromising its brightness and providing conditions for several points of rust to appear.

Wash meExcessive dust is also a villain who deteriorates the paint and rubbers of your car. The one who gets constantly dusty is more prone to scratches, looking bad. Therefore, in these cases the ideal is to wash the car periodically, avoiding that the dust accumulates. Many people are mistaken, believing that parking cars under trees will protect from the sun and rain. Ledo mistake! In the event of a storm, wind or lightning can knock down branches and even the tree over the car, causing a very large loss. Not to mention the substance that some trees release, that is impregnated in the painting and gives some work to be removed. Sometimes it is only removed with wax or polish. The saying goes that what comes from below does not reach us, but the same can not be said of what comes from above. Cars standing in the street are favorite targets of birds, which seem to have a predilection for bombarding them with feces. Know that the bird’s seemingly harmless poop brings a corrosive substance that detonates the varnish and paint the car, so it should be removed as soon as possible. If you forgot to clean and let it dry, throw plenty of water to soften the stool and then remove carefully. If the stain does not come out, apply a layer of wax. Car parked in the street, unprotected, is also subject to the action of the envious on duty, those who are not content to see the property of the neighbor in good condition. With this, they appropriate some type of tool and scratch the paint from the outside, causing considerable damage. Finally, if your car is always exposed to the weather, parked in unprotected places, it increases the risk of it being the target of a barber driver, who can bump into him when making a maneuver and leave without giving satisfaction. Therefore, it is worth doing the bills and include in the monthly budget the price of a covered and secure parking, because if we consider all these possibilities of damages, the damage to make the repairs can be much greater.

How to care for the car that stays outdoors?

When purchasing a car, the driver gains several responsibilities. In addition to practicing defensive driving, one must be attentive to the preservation of the pieces and other important items of the car. Often small problems arise from a lack of basic care. One of the biggest challenges to maintaining the vehicle’s good looks is exposure to sun, rain and other natural factors to which it is conditioned. Lack of parking and covered garages can damage paint, bodywork and other parts such as upholstery and headlights. But, it is possible to minimize such damages with simple procedures. Stay tuned for the RJ tips Tires:

Protective cover

Protective covers are great for anyone who wants to protect their car from natural phenomena. In addition, it avoids other damages, such as splashes of mud, paint and animal waste, which are very harmful to the paint. Other good points are the low purchase cost and the ease of storage. The cover is foldable and fits perfectly well in small places. However, care should be taken when removing it to avoid scratches and other damage. Stay alert!

Special waxes

Some long-lasting waxes can and should be applied to outdoor cars for a long time. They are able to reduce the effects of external agents and, above all, the UV rays of the sun more clearly. A good quality wax can protect a car for a period of six months to a year.

Avoid parking under trees

When parking your vehicle, look for an area where there are no trees. That’s because leaves, branches, fruits and even birds and waste can hit your car, damaging not only paint, but also bodywork, headlights and glass. The sap of trees can also be harmful and difficult to remove. If you can not get covered parking, you may prefer a location without dangerous overlays. Fore more details check on lincoln.

Invest in crystallization

The process of crystallization has been gaining space and conquering the drivers. It is a polish based on teflon, which generates a much higher aspect than ordinary wax. It even protects the vehicle from sunlight and general pollution that damages the bodywork, removes rusty paint, enhances color and fills microscopic pores, scratches and cracks. With crystallization, it is still possible to dispense with the use of ordinary wax for about a year, generating good savings. But attention: Only qualified professionals can apply the technique because it is a special procedure.

Preventing damage to the car body during winter ‍

The months between May and September are those that record the lowest temperatures in Brazil. As we know, in a tropical country like Brazil, this does not mean harsh winters as they are in countries like Russia. Even so, those who live in states farther south, such as Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, may suffer from low temperatures. On days when the temperature approaches zero degree, phenomena such as frost are common, damaging the car’s bodywork. And as much attention as the “ice-covered fields” you see right on the TV must be given to cars – especially those left outdoors. Follow us! The body of the car suffers more than most internal parts of a combustion engine – pistons , brake pads and electrical systems pass smoothly in any country accustomed to heavy snowfall. In Brazil, where this is only slight, these pieces remain almost intact. But the exterior of the car accuses the blow like no other part. Let’s take a hypothetical example: Claudio owns a Chevrolet Monza 1992 , a resident of Curitiba (PR). The capital of Paraná is one of the coolest in the country, and in 2013 there was snowfall in the city. If Claudio leaves his Monza on the street during this snowfall, or during the frost, the car will feel like a heavy blow. This is because the ice will have a severe action on the body of the car: in excess it will take away all the brilliance of the body, as if it were “burning” the piece. If a car is constantly left under such conditions, it is possible that the bodywork will suffer uniformly with this, which will considerably decrease the value of the vehicle.

Useful tips in the cold

Who keeps the car in closed garages is much less likely to see the hood of your car running out of varnish. But some simple tips are key and allow cars standing in open places to withstand low temperatures. We hope Claudio will follow them as well. See also: Never under any circumstances throw hot water on the windscreen of the car. Not even on the side windows that have any sign of frost. This can, in addition to melting the ice, crack or even crack the glass, which damages and fines. Whenever possible, on frosty days, cover your car with a protective canvas cape or something that suits you. This helps a lot to avoid the wear of the bodywork and the glasses. If in the day, in addition to the extreme cold, there is the chance of rain, pay special attention to the windscreen wipers . We ‘ve talked about them here before, and in case of cold, the tendency is for the straws to stick to the glass. If you need to clean the glass, use water at room temperature. A useful tip is to clean with alcohol and clean cloth . Since alcohol does not freeze at 0 ° C, it will help a lot to get rid of the excess that forms. Because it is highly volatile and flammable, it is not recommended to equip the squirt car with this item. If the car usually spends a lot of time outdoors, remember to always treat the car body with polishing wax so that it does not lose its luster. The frequency varies but once every wash is a good time. Following these tips to take care of your car, there is no ice capable of taking the brilliance of your Claudio angora!

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